A Portfolio of Vertically-Integrated Companies

NewBridge has strategically formed its vertically integrated portfolio of businesses to feed our patented Shockwave Power™ Reactor. Each company establishes relationships with cultivators, processors, retailers and distributors to cross-promote NewBridge’s services and source biomass for our processing division.


Shockwave Power™ Reactor in Partnership with Hydro Dynamics, Inc 

NewBridge brings the patented Shockwave Power™ Reactor (SPR), along with eight other patents to the cannabis and industrial hemp industries. The SPR can process fresh biomass (eliminating the need for curing, drying and storage), produces full spectrum oil without solvents, and has a throughput of 150 gallons per minute for a medium sized reactor.

This technology has already disrupted multi-billion dollar industries such as the oil and gas and beer industries. The SPR has been installed in over 100 breweries, in five countries, and is used by several Fortune 500 Companies. With the Shockwave Power™ Reactor we aim to evolve the hemp and cannabis industries.


Industrial Hemp Processing - Stanley, NM

NewBridge and the Shockwave Power™ Reactor solves a costly bottleneck for industrial hemp farmers by removing the expensive needs of drying and storage by utilizing the fresh plant in its entirety. The SPR has the capacity to process 200 pounds of fresh biomass in eight minutes by processing in a continuous flow versus needing to process in a batch format. By processing the whole plant, without drying or the use of solvents; you preserve the integrity of the plant and produce True Full Spectrum Oil.

NewBridge has laid the foundation for the development for a 20-acre campus equipped with a processing facility where the Shockwave Power™ Reactor will be utilized; a tissue culture and breeding center to preserve and create proprietary genetics; a testing lab to ensure compliance; and greenhouses for year-round cultivation.

Cannabis Processing - Oakland, CA

NewBridge is licensed to process THC-dominant cannabis, this division will provide remediation, full spectrum, distillate and hybrid oils. At the peak of production, NewBridge has the capacity to process 2,000 pounds of biomass per day. The 11,500 sqft., company-owned facility is under construction. 


Industrial Hemp - Stanley, NM

NewBridge’s partnership with King Hemp NM positions us to become one of the largest hemp producers in New Mexico. The King Family has roots farming in New Mexico for over a hundred years and their expertise lay in the richness of the land they have cultivated over generations. The partnership will be using high quality genetics and farming techniques; they will process the fresh biomass using NewBridge’s Shockwave Power™ Reactor technology. 

Cannabis - Mendocino, CA

Mendocino, CA is home to NewBridge’s 27-acre outdoor farm located in the world-renowned “Emerald Triangle”. This farm will feed directly to NewBridge’s processing facility. It is currently being cultivated as a 10,000 square foot outdoor farm. The farm has the capacity to construct two greenhouses totaling 10,000 square feet which will increase our yield by three harvests per year allowing NewBridge to produce upwards of 22,500 pounds of biomass annually. Construction of the greenhouses to begin in 2020.


Cannabis - Oakland, CA

NewBridge’s nursery provides clones from verified mother plants originating from tissue culture and are grown with the utmost care and attention to detail. The cloning process is very precise and fragile, our nursery follows strict procedures to ensure the health and consistency of our plants. Collaborations with award-winning geneticists provide NewBridge with trendsetting, exclusive genetics. The newly designed, company-owned facility is based in Oakland, CA and will serve cultivators across California. Upon completion, the facility will be able to produce 60,000 clones per month.


Cannabis - Oakland, CA

NewBridge has strategically formed its distribution division to reduce our cost of sales by 10-15%. We also offer services including compliant packaging, labeling and distribution of all cannabis products throughout California. While distributing our services to the market we are positioned to offer clients all of NewBridge’s services from processing to genetics. NewBridge’s distribution division is licensed and opening a 5,000 square foot warehouse in Oakland.