A Portfolio of Vertically-Integrated Companies

We believe that our vertically integrated business model provides our portfolio the best position for rapid growth in cannabinoid medicine education, cultivation, manufacturing and distribution. Always focusing on compliance, best practices, standardization, and corporate governance.

Our Portfolio

Roots of Cali is building a state-of-the-art facility on Company owned property located in the “green zone” of Oakland, CA that we anticipate will be completed by the end of 2018. Once operational, Roots should have the capacity to produce more than 65,000 clones each month.   It will operate under the dba “Roots Nursery” a well-known industry brand also acquired recently. Roots Nursery expects to produce clones from Mother plants, supplying high-quality genetics to our own cultivation operations and large cultivators located throughout California.

The Bay Clonery Logo

The Bay Clonery is building-out a Company owned facility in Santa Rosa, California which will be completed later this year. The Bay Clonery will be an indoor nursery and tissue culture lab that will have the capacity to produce and sell more than 100,000 clones per month. By preserving genetics of proprietary cannabis strains, The Bay Clonery, will be collaborating with breeders and seed banks to archive a genetic library. This will allow us to test the genetic makeup of various strains that show promise. By identifying strains that show higher percentages of compounds, we could produce new products that the medical community believe hold significant potential.

5Leaf is positioning itself to be a leading cannabis and industrial hemp processor and manufacturer of Full Spectrum Oils (“FSO”), distillate and isolate for local craft cannabis cultivators and other health and wellness brands. Two separate build-outs are in progress, including a Company owned 14,000 square foot, extraction facility in Oakland, CA, as well as, a build-out of a Company owned 11,500 square foot warehouse located on a 1.41-acre property in Santa Rosa, California. Upon completion, 5Leaf should have the capacity to process more than 2,000 lbs. of biomass per day yielding an estimated 200 lbs. of FSO.

GENUS Consulting is an Oakland-based management services company integral in the operations of 5Leaf, Roots, Mad Creek and The Bay Clonery. GENUS provides cannabis consulting services to many cultivators, processors and brands throughout California, including compliance, branding and sourcing of clones and genetics to meet our own and client’s cultivation and production needs.

Green Thumb Distributors Logo

Green Thumb Distributors (“Green Thumb”), is positioned to become a licensed distribution company in the State of California. With years of developing relationships throughout California, the Principals of the Green Thumb team will serve the needs of long-term clients who are not in a position to independently handle the increased costs and regulations associated with the new California laws. Green Thumb will package, label and distribute various products for the cultivators, manufacturers and retailers throughout California who require third party distribution services. The company will lease a 5,000-foot warehouse in the “green zone” of Oakland that is currently being renovated. We expect construction to be completed in late 2018.

Elevated Education Logo

By educating physicians, clinicians, healthcare insurers, public servants, educators and cannabis industry professionals on proper, safe and effective applications for medical marijuana, Elevated Education empowers practitioners, through online educational modules, with the competence and confidence to educate their patients and students with healthier, more-effective treatments using CBD, hemp and cannabis derivatives.

Mad Creek Logo

Mad Creek Farm (“Mad Creek”), is a 27-acre Company owned farm consisting of two parcels of land (+/- 5 and 22-acre tracts), where the Company intends to have world-renowned, Emerald Triangle, California cannabis grown. We anticipate being able to construct two state of the art greenhouses totaling 15,000 square feet that could yield three harvests per year and has the potential to produce upwards of 5,000 pounds annually of renowned craft California cannabis. Mad Creek should be fully operational in Q2 of 2019.


East 10th Street is a Company owned 10,000 square foot commercial warehouse in the “Green Zone” of Oakland, California. When buildout is completed. East 10th Street will be a state-of-the-art indoor cultivation facility and home to Roots of Cali, dba Roots Nursery.


East 11th Street is a Company owned 14,000 square foot warehouse in the “Green Zone” located in Oakland. When build-out is completed it will be the home of 5Leaf.


Timothy is a Company owned 11,500 square foot warehouse located in Santa Rosa, California. This will be the home to 5Leaf and Bay Clonery, Santa Rosa.

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