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Corporate Presentations

Read the important updates at NewBridge Global Ventures, Inc. in this Corporate Presentation.

Corporate Presentations

About Us

NewBridge Global Ventures is a vertically integrated processing company serving the cannabis and hemp industries. Our portfolio of companies supports our mission and technology to become a leading, international cannabis and hemp processor. Led by our patented Shockwave Power™ Technology and proprietary separation techniques, NewBridge solves a costly bottleneck by eliminating the need for drying, curing and storing biomass prior to processing. The technology accomplishes this without the use of any solvents; instead using water and low pressure energy waves to gently separate the oil from the plant.

About Us

Our Portfolio

NewBridge has strategically formed its vertically integrated portfolio of businesses to feed our patented Shockwave Power™ Reactor. Each company establishes relationships with cultivators, processors, retailers and distributors to cross-promote NewBridge’s services and source biomass for our processing division.

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Our Team

30 Years of Operation and Managerial Oversight for Both Public and Private Companies

Our team is a talented group of professionals having significant experience in entrepreneurial ventures, as well as performance management, creating a strong and cohesive team to generate long-term value for all shareholders.

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